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Second Marriage Lawyer
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If you are entering into a second marriage, our legal team would like to assist in any way we can. 
We work hard to educate our clients about the profound effect a second marriage can have on your estate. When entering into a second marriage, it is important to discuss your finances with someone who has the knowledge and experience to advise you properly. 
We will protect your best interests and ensure everything goes smoothly during this exciting transition. 
Second Marriage Lawyer Bluffton, SC

Our law firm are your trusted advisors

Each spouse in a marriage attains certain legal rights over the other's assets, both during their marriage and at the time of their spouse's death. 
Upon the first spouse's death, all of the deceased’s assets may pass to the surviving spouse through survivorship rights. 

At the time of the surviving spouse's death, those assets will then be passed according to the surviving spouse's will or living trust. 

Second marriages, elder and special needs planning present unique considerations, from cash flow management to control preservation. We can also assist our clients in creating the most cost-effective, high-impact, charitable gifts. Many satisfied clients have expressed their appreciation of our efficient and effective strategies. Call (843) 815-9777 to consult with us.
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