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The Delaney Law Firm understands that all estate plans are different, just as families differ. 
Whether it is a simple last will, revocable trust or more complex trust, we offer solutions to fit your goals and budget. 

Determining the specifics of your estate and ensuring your wishes are carried out is one of our specialties. Estate planning is the process of anticipating and arranging a person’s life for the disposal or distribution of their estate. This planning process can work to eliminate any confusion or uncertainties over the administration of a probate and to maximize the value of the estate by reducing taxes and other expenses.

If you and your family need a trusted estate planning attorney in Bluffton, SC, look to Delaney Law Firm.
Estate Planning Bluffton, SC

Trust our Wills & Trust Attorney for Estate Planning

  • Make a will. If you fail to declare who receives what after you pass away, your family is in for a meticulous battle. This includes both financial and non financial assets, like furniture, jewelry, keepsakes, etc.
  • Specify ways in which your money should be spent. If you're planning on leaving aside a particular sum of money for a child's marriage, for example, you'll want to create a trust that outlines those wishes.
  • Try and reduce income and estate taxes. Work with our estate planning attorneys to create a tax-efficient plan. We'll work out a strategy so your beneficiaries pay little to no taxes on their inheritance. A great way to offset taxes is with a life insurance policy.
  • Hire an estate planning team. To ensure that you have the best financial plan in place, work with an estate planning attorney, tax professional, and financial adviser.

Whether it involves a first or second marriage, our goal is to help you create an effective and efficient plan that encourages resolution and reconciliation, not litigation and dissension. 
Should estate planning litigation become necessary, we provide substantial experience and aggressive pursuit of equity in a cost effective manner. However, we encourage those pursuing a second marriage to have a logical discussion with their spouse about the estate planning process. If the conversation seems too uncomfortable, it's helpful to get a third perspective from a law firm. Here at The Delaney Law Firm in Bluffton, SC, we help couples through the estate planning process, creating a plan that works for everyone.

To help you live with the peace of mind gained by knowing your assets and estate are as you would like them, please contact us today.
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